3 Insider Secrets from a Top Real Estate Broker


When ready to buy a home, many potential buyers are hit with so much information, especially if they search the internet. I am here to give it to you straight with no chaser.  I am not your usual Real Estate Broker.  Here are 3 tips no one will probably tell you.

#1 Searching is harder than you think. You can easily land on the wrong website, getting misinformation thus wasting your time.

#2 Not all that glitters is gold! Looking at pictures dreaming of that perfect home? Pictures only tell part of the story. My advice is to look beyond the pictures, look for room sizes, look for square footage, look for the layout of the house, research the schools, the neighbourhood.  Do a drive-by, yes a drive-by!

#3 Not all Real Estate agents are equal. They come in many ways, some part-time (this is why you probably can never reach them), some with little experience, some with lots of experience, some will share valuable information, some with not because they don't have valuable information. Some have patience and professionalism, some will not. However, you chose, chose wisely...ask questions. Just because they agreed to show you a house without a pre-approval does not make them a great agent, in fact...many times it is just the opposite.

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